About Us

Zen Japanese Restaurant (Established 2000)

seiichiZen Japanese Restaurant is aiming for the preservation of the traditional culture of Japanese cuisine, which gives the best impression of the cuisine to the patron while being loved by them.

Recently, so called Japanese restaurants crowd the streets we live on. However, many of these places have no knowledge of Japanese history, culture, or cuisine and they focus more on making a profit. We, proudly being Japanese, believe strongly that running a Japanese business requires having an understanding of the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine.

Canada is a multi-cultural country comprised of people with diverse backgrounds. Zen Japanese Restaurant is formed, in part, from this diversity and strives to become a place where patron could dine comfortably. We believe that the restaurant is also a form of entertainment. By providing great service, beautiful food presentation and delicious cuisine we believe patrons will have the best impression possible of Zen Japanese Restaurant and Japanese cuisine. We believe, as long as we continue with this thought, it is natural for patrons to fall in love with Zen Japanese Restaurant.

Our Partners

Japanese Restaurants Association of Canada
Japanese knife sharpener in Toronto.
Natural knife sharpening stone in Kyoto
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Our wholesaler
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 hayashi-nori-logo  Our Seaweed Provider