SUSHI KAISEKI (Tasting Menu)

SUSHI KAISEKI  (Tasting Menu) FOR 1 寿司会席 135

1 – Tamago Tofu (Egg Tofu with Shrimp)
2 – Zensai (Assorted Appetizers)
3 – Hotate & Nyumen (Scallop with Japanese thin noodle in broth)
4 – Sashimi Moriawase (Chef’s Special Choice Sashimi)
5 – Lobster Tempura (Deep-fried Lobster Tail)
6 – Wagyu Suki-Nabe (A4 Wagyu, Japanese Beef Striploin in hot pot)
7 – Omakase Sushi (Chef’s Special Choice Sushi)
8 – Homemade Dessert

• Participation of the entire table is required for Sushi Kaiseki.
• Served only at regular table (Not available at Sushi Bar).
• Reservation for Sushi Kaiseki is required.
• Same day ordering may be accepted depend on reservation status.